Book-to-Film: Flipping the Script
Seminar Presenter: 
Shawanda "N'TYSE" Williams

Saturday, October 19 @ 11:00 a.m.

In this highly-anticipated seminar, novelist and film producer N’Tyse shares great insight into the process of adapting a book for the screen in her Book-to-Film: Flipping the Script series. Learn how to identify potential and increased opportunities in your story idea during the infancy stage, how to flip the script, and how to take your project to the next level—either by perfecting the packaging pitched to prospective agents and producers, or by embracing that indie-filmmaking-itch to produce your first film.  

Shawanda Williams, widely known as “N’Tyse,” is a prolific literary luminary, novelist-screenwriter-documentarian, and film producer, known for her female centric dramas, and cautionary urban tales. The multi-hyphenate’s credits also include fieldwork as an investigative journalist and a certification from C.I.T.I. (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) Program in Social & Behavioral Research in Human Subjects. A wife and mompreneur, N'Tyse received her Bachelor of Arts from Arizona State University with a multicultural, interdisciplinary concentration in Creative Writing and Film/Media Studies. To date, she has produced two documentaries, a book-to-film feature, and has created-authored-ghostwritten eleven novels, two self-help books, and three anthologies. "N'Tyse" recently launched her publishing company, Black Odyssey Media. The firm was created in partnership with Kensington.

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