Common Mistakes Authors Make That Can Damage Their Reputation
Seminar Presenter: 
Erica Thomas

Saturday, October 28 @ 11:00 a.m.

Erica Thomas, known as Chyna T, is a certified coach and author. She recently signed a new publishing contract with RWP and will be releasing new books soon.

In this seminar, author and certified coach Erica Thomas will delve deep into the following: 
  • Importance of hiring an editor
  • Importance of titling
  • Importance of hiring beta readers to help build/fill your story
  • Importance of descriptions (characters, spaces, locations, etc)
  • How to brand yourself properly and find your target audience outside of Amazon and online marketplaces so you can get your paperbacks or hard copies in homes on bookshelves
  • Importance of understanding a passive versus active voice while writing
  • Other grammatical mistakes: your/you're, an/and/a, then/than, of/have
  • Why collaboration with other authors can help or hurt your brand
  • Learning how to write across genres because every author is a writer, but not every writer is an author. You canít only write in one genre and call yourself an author; however you may just be a writer who specializes in one area.

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